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Left: wool and cotton thread, wet and needle felted with stitching (gv). Marine worm (polycheate Aberenicola sp., left) and barnacle (Balanus sp., right) (egg warmers).

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   We've played with felt off an on over the years, but became more involved while living in Jena, Germany for 5 months in early 2011 (sabbatical). Thursday evenings were open studio felting workshops at Kunstwerk, a very alternative adult/child arts center. Our remaining evenings were spent working in our flat, supplied by ample wool from Kunstwerk (from Wollknoll), oddities acquired from notions or fiber shops visited where ever we traveled), a folding table (klapptisch) ordered through Amazon, and various supplies from around town. Fortunately our living room floor was impervious to water. We've continued these efforts since our return.

Felting offers enormous opportunity to work with structures, colors, surface design, and materials at a somewhat faster pace than weaving or basketry permits; but all three have unique and attractive aspects.