Little Creatures
   I've been playing around with lampwork glass the last few years; a recently acquired interest has been forming heads in softened glass using various tools to push and pull, and then weaving bodies. I see these interacting in diorammas. Playing with dolls at nearly 60 yrs of age seems a bit perverse, but it does seem to have its moments and I'm currently quite curious where those moments are going to take me. (rv)

The glass is ivory effetre stained with various oxides. The fiber is 7-ply waxed linen. The figures 3-4 inches high.

angelboy (5387)
bernice (5392)
white man w black hi#13E726
sid 2 (5393)
sid 1 (5391)
triplets - white (5379)
triplets - red (5378)
twins (5384)