Heads and Vessels
   These constructions began as efforts exploring less regular shapes and surface features that the "Geo" efforts allowed. The bases are constructed differently than the Geos, and spokes and weavers are added and subtracted at whim. Many embellishments are from the weaving, both added weavers and the underlying structure of the spokes; however, these have also encouraged the design and incorporation of glass objects (e.g. "birdhead man", "toadembowl" and "bowl with eyeballs").

These pieces are made of black and natural waxed linen, either 7 or 12 ply, and lampwork glass.

All of these pieces are on display at the Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle through May. (rv)


bowl with eyeballs a#154C8B
bowl with eyeballs a#14ED05
bowl with eyeballs a#14ECFC
black spiral with be#154C6B
black spiral with be#14ECCF
birdhead man #5628
birdbead man (5630)(back)
birdbead man (5633)(#14EC96
black spiral with fo#154C79
black spiral with fo#14ECE5
clem (5641)
clem (back) (5642)
clem (top) (5645)
toadembowl (5624)
toadembowl (interior#14EC77