I started making these "baskets" out of various strings, settling on waxed linen because it is easy to control. I'm a bit color blind; working in black and white (natural) eliminated the need for awkward decisions and provides strong contrast for the emerging patterns which always surprise me. The geometric patterns patterns come from repeating very simple and subtle changes, and are not readily apparent until the piece has grown considerably, and thus the making these always involves discovery. The pieces are made without a mold, and the shape, though mostly controllable, always gets its own word in.

These pieces are made of waxed linen ranging from 4-12 ply. Two weavers are twined around central spokes without any addition of spokes during the weaving process. Over the last two years my weavings have shifted increasingly towards twills, generating some of the more complex patterns below.

All of these pieces are on display at the Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle through May. (rv)


helix twill with fla#154ED8
helix twill with bla#154EE6
helix twill with dia#154EE5
rose twill with clim#154EDD
spiral twill #1 with#154EDC
sprial twill #2 with#154EDB
trio #1 (broken radi#154EDA
broken radial bowl, #154ED7
lightening bowl, tri#154EE4
mosaic bowl, trio #1 (5499)
trio #2 (lightening,#154ED9
chaos bowl, trio #2 #154EEB
zigzag-expanding bow#154ED6
lightening bowl, tri#154EE3
mosaic cup #1 (5464)
mosaic bowl, single (5558)
echanoid twill (5x) #154FCC
echanoid twill (5x) #154EE9
echanoid twill (4x) #154EEA
lightening cup (5539)